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I'm a bit random, a bit crazy, but a lot friendly. Honestly, I'm pretty much a big dork, but that's alright with me. If you don't know me, then get to know me. You never know, you might just be surprised. :)


My stepdad is coming home today from his 3 week work trip.  Now I’ve got to start wearing pants around the house again.  Sad life.  :p 


okay but seriously how is all of tumblr not all over psycho pass

look at the fucking beautiful artimagea cast with women who are not demeaned or weak or sexualizedimagea canonly not straight main characterimagea villain that makes you think he might be right, even if his means are wrongimagenerdy bassyimagecanon lesbians that arent fetishizedimageand these fucking cutiesimageall on top of an incredible storyline that may or may not fuck you up in a good way


Ben Kwok is an L.A. based graphic artist and illustrator.

Born in Taiwan, raised in Los Angeles, art has always been a huge part of my life. When I could first used chopsticks, I was already doodling on whatever I could get my hands on. I love complex hyper detailed artwork. To lose myself into the “flow” of drawing is about as good as it gets. I’m very passionate about what I do, that’s why I continue doing it.



Art by Francesco Francavilla

As promised, here’s the GROOT inked. I might tackle NEBULA next.
This will go on sale on in the next few days (will announce precise date/hour)



The Wonderful Paintings of Christina Mrozic

Christina Mrozik has spent the majority of her life observing the natural world and the types of relationships that form within it. Having grown up on the Grand River in Michigan, she was inspired by it’s habitats at an early age. Blending the external world with her own understanding of the human condition has led to her distinct style, in which flora and fauna stand in, representing the simultaneous and often opposing matters of the human heart. She often draws with ink and marker on paper, adding bursts of color with watercolor and high pigmented acrylics. Christina is inspired by many of the early naturalists such as Audobon, but also by visual storytellers such as Rackham. She views the art making process as one of portraiture, in which analyzing the drawing helps make sense of peoples’ histories and abilities. Currently based in Grand Rapids Michigan, she has shown both regionally and nationally. Currently she is working on designs for Twinne in London, branding projects for Nice Collective and recently returned from Cabin Time: A Roaming Artist Residency in the Porcupine Mountains. She is making work every day in her studio in preparation for upcoming shows, and is excited to see what’s next.



Artist Shintaro Ohata Seamlessly Blends Sculpture and Canvas to Create 3D Paintings

When first viewing the artwork of Shintaro Ohata up close it appears the scenes are made from simple oil paints, but take a step back and you’re in for a surprise. Each piece is actually a hybrid of painted canvas and sculpture that blend almost flawlessly in color and texture to create a single image. The cinematic figures are sculpted from polystyrene while the backgrounds are made from traditional painting techniques.